Learn the benefits and pitfalls of social media as it relates to openness and relationship management in adoption.

Tween holding a cellphone

Adoption and Social Media: What does it means for you and your adopted child/ren?

Social media has transformed all of our lives and adoption is no exception. 

The pace of social media uptake has led to an explosion of information, and the era of adoption secrecy and closed adoption is effectively over. Connections and meetings between adoptees and birthfamilies can occur without consultation, detectives, red tape, letters or intermediaries. It can be as simple as a Facebook search and message sent into cyberspace with a wish and prayer.

The question for everyone is how to manage (or leverage) these new tools, apps and channels in the best possible way for adoptive parents and for our children.

Please note: This video was recorded several years ago with our former branding (the Belonging Network used to be the Adoptive Families Association of BC).

Social media and adoption: What does it mean for you and your children?