It is common for children who have spent time in care to release their feelings of grief and loss when they feel they are in a safe place. When the child begins to release these feelings the family will begin to feel it in the household. This feeling is referred to as inducement, you will learn more about it in the following video.

The back of a little boy sitting on the floor with some toys.

It is important to keep in mind when inducement occurs it does not mean the child is rejecting or failing to attach to the parent, however they are now confident they are in a safe space to share their experiences with you. Inducement occurs in families where a child has spent time in care, and can be felt by foster to adopt families, previous adoptive families and first time adoptive families

Please note: This video was recorded several years ago with our former branding (the Belonging Network used to be the Adoptive Families Association of BC).

Predictable adjustments

Presenter: Anne Melcombe, CSR

In this video, presenter Anne Melcombe, adoptive mom and former Clinical Supervisor / CSR Trainer at Belonging Network, is going to talk about predictable adjustments experienced during the first year or two after placement of a child in the adoptive home.