Adoption offers stability and belonging to a child or youth who can no longer return to their birth families. When you adopt a child, the parental rights and responsibilities are legally transferred from the birth parent to you (and your partner, if you’re adopting with one). 

Adoptions create a sense of permanency, which all children need to thrive. When you adopt a child, they become part of your family for a lifetime: emotionally, socially, and in the eyes of the law. 

Getting ready to welcome home a new family member is a big deal, and we want to make sure you have the information you need to make the right choice.

There are many types of adoptions to choose from. Each is designed with the best interests of waiting children and youth in mind. The best way to start learning about adoption is by completing our Adoption Basics course. It’s an interactive info session where you’ll learn about each type of adoption.

If you want to adopt a child or youth in government care (foster care), you’ll need to also take the Adoption Education Program Online (AEP-Online) course.