All children and youth need belonging and lifelong connections. That’s why the Belonging Network works hard to support adoptive and permanency families, waiting children, and youth from care in British Columbia.

A gay couple and a boy enjoying a moment by the beach.
Photo credit: the Matte family, participants in our photo contest.

We focus on three things: finding families for BC’s waiting children and youth, supporting families created through adoption and permanency at every stage of their journeys, and supporting youth in and from government care (including foster care) as they grow up and enter adulthood.

Wherever you are on your journey, we’re right here by your side.

Support. Learning. Connection.

By focusing on support, learning, and connection, the Belonging Network strives to make the greatest impact on adoption and permanency families, waiting children, and youth from care. We offer nearly all our resources virtually so that we can be there for you wherever you live and whenever you need us, whatever your life looks like.

What we don’t do…

The Belonging Network is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit organization. We offer resources, education, and support groups for families and youth. We work with partners to maximize our impact and offer the best, most needed programs and services. 

While we do a lot, below are a few things that we don’t do.

We are not an adoption agency. BC has two adoption agencies. While we have supported many families who work with agencies to adopt a child, we do not have power or influence over any adoption agency’s decisions or processes.

We are not part of the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD). MCFD contracts out important work to us, such as providing support to families at all stages of the lifelong adoption and permanency journey, offering the Learning for the Adoption Education Program (AEP) that all prospective parents must take before applying to adopt in BC, and maintaining the website as a one-stop source of information and resources for youth from care.

We do not process adoption applications, conduct homestudies, or match or place families with children. But our team is very experienced with the ins and outs of navigating these steps, and we love supporting families through each of them.

Wondering if we can help with something that isn’t mentioned here? Please reach out to our team at or 604-320-7330.