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What’s all about? is a website for young adults in and from government care in BC. It’s an up-to-date warehouse of information on resources and services available to young adults. It’s also a learning tool to help with the transition from government care to adulthood. has information on money and income, education, health and wellness, housing, personal life, and ID needs. is also really useful for youth who are still in government care. It can help them plan for their transition to adulthood.

We built after listening to the voices of former youth in care to make sure the site meets their needs. 

Who’s we? was developed by the Belonging Network (formerly the Adoptive Families Association of BC) in partnership with the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

To develop the site, we talked to former youth in care all from over BC! We are so grateful for their input. We asked about their experiences since they left care and what changes to the system they want to see. Their responses helped to build 

We also hit up the streets of Vancouver and interviewed people about their knowledge of government care. We asked them what they know about foster care, and compared their experiences growing up to those in care. We got a lot of different responses but ultimately discovered that many people are unaware of the “aging out” process in British Columbia.

In British Columbia youth in foster care and other types of government care “age out” on their 19th birthday. On that day, young people legally become independent adults. was built to support this transition and give them the tools to build their future.