Learn about the meaning of permanency, and different ways of creating it for children and youth.

The term “permanency” means different things to different people. 

Within the context of child welfare, permanency includes a concept called the Four Dimensions of Permanence, which are relational, cultural, physical and legal permanency.

This video reviews each dimension of permanence as well as the options for legal permanence in the event that a child cannot be returned to the care of their birth parents. 

Please note: This video was recorded several years ago with our former branding (the Belonging Network used to be the Adoptive Families Association of BC).

Pathways to permanency: A comparison of legal permanency options in BC

Presenter: Lauralee Hoover, BSW

Lauralee is an Out of Care Options and Practice Development Consultant for BC’s Ministry of Children and Family Development. Her work includes promoting the importance of permanency for children and youth and, when necessary, finding a home for them with family or someone else with whom they have a relationship or cultural connection.