New Beginnings: Mini podcast series

A young girl wearing a hat and smiling with her eyes closed, one hand covering half of her face.

Tune into our podcast below to hear from Isla, a birth mom; Sam, an adoptee; and Thomas, an adoptive dad. This three-part podcast follows the experience of each character as they navigate their way through placement day.  Placement day is a complex milestone for those in the adoption process. On this day, the child moves […]

Predictable adjustments

The back of a little boy sitting on the floor with some toys.

It is common for children who have spent time in care to release their feelings of grief and loss when they feel they are in a safe place. When the child begins to release these feelings the family will begin to feel it in the household. This feeling is referred to as inducement, you will […]

The journey of a lifetime: Why adoptive families need support throughout the years

The hands of a child on top of the hands of an adult and a senior person.

When potential adoptive parents begin their journey, they’re buoyed by the enthusiasm and support of others. Once they bring their child or children home and make it through the first few months, though, that support tends to dissolve. In this article, an experienced adoptive mom explains why adoptive families need support throughout their entire journey, […]

Adopted voice: Whose son, whose daughter

The back of a young man sitting on the grass with his dog.

The question of a lifetime The complexity of my adoption story makes it a challenge to tell, but telling it is, I think, essential. It’s a way to preserve memories of the living and dead, to lend their lives some meaning, and to give thanks for the good fortune of having been raised by loving […]

When birth parents change their minds

Young mother looking at her baby sleeping in a crib

Though they are rare, and most adoptions go through seamlessly, revocations by birth parents happen. In BC, birth parents have 30 days from the time their child is born to change their minds and decide to parent their child. Usually those 30 days pass by, albeit slowly, and the parents can breathe a sigh of […]