Tune into our podcast below to hear from Isla, a birth mom; Sam, an adoptee; and Thomas, an adoptive dad. This three-part podcast follows the experience of each character as they navigate their way through placement day. 

Placement day is a complex milestone for those in the adoption process. On this day, the child moves from wherever he/she/they have been living to the adoptive home. The adoption is not legally finalized at this point—that comes after about a year of the child being placed—but it signifies the beginning of the adoption plan of care that is agreed upon by the social worker, adoptive parents, and birth parents.  

Placement day means different things to different parties in the adoption triad, but it also holds common characteristics. Placement day is emotionally charged and has expectations attached to it for all. We welcome listeners to step into the minds of each of the characters in this podcast series. Each perspective is unique, informative, and valid.  

Characters in this podcast are fictional; however, their stories are drawn from those of real individuals. At the Belonging Network, we understand that everyone’s journey is unique. Children come into care for many reasons including unplanned pregnancy, death of a family member, incarceration, child protection reasons,  voluntary placement, or others. If a child is unable to return to the care of their birth family, a judge may determine to terminate parental rights, or the birth parent may decide to relinquish their rights. This decision is intended to be in the best interest of the child. 

We thank those in our community who have shared their stories to make this project possible.  

Material presented in this podcast may trigger listeners. Viewers are cautioned to practice self-care as content refers to mental health concerns and abuse.

Episode 1: Isla’s story 

Isla’s story was created from a collection of birth mother experiences. Hear from Isla as she shares her struggle with mental health, recovery, and how the challenges she faces daily have contributed to her decision to place Sam for adoption. View the full script for episode one.

Episode 2: Sam’s story 

Sam’s story offers a glimpse into the life of a child moving from foster care to an adoptive home. In this episode, Sam is leaving the familiarity of her foster home for a new city and her new adoptive family. Listeners will hear from Sam as she processes the reality of placement day.  View the full script for episode two.

Episode 3: Thomas’ story  

Thomas’ story brings forth themes of joy, uncertainty, and frustration. As a new parent, he is overcome with happiness as he awaits Sam’s arrival. Soon he is overwhelmed with other emotions on this very complicated of days. Prepare to hear Thomas fall apart and pull himself together over the course of placement day. View the full script for episode three.