Pathways to permanency

Learn about the meaning of permanency, and different ways of creating it for children and youth. The term “permanency” means different things to different people.  Within the context of child welfare, permanency includes a concept called the Four Dimensions of Permanence, which are relational, cultural, physical and legal permanency. This video reviews each dimension of […]

Guardianship: A different option for permanency

A child of about six holds a teddy bear and smiles gently. Behind her, a man and a woman sit across the desk from a lawyer in a suit.

Guardianship is a court process based on the Family Law Act that offers a way for anyone to create permanency for a child by becoming their guardian. This article explores its many similarities to adoption and its key differences. What is guardianship? Becoming a guardian means that you are responsible for all the decisions, care, […]

Parental leave for guardians: One woman’s battle for benefits

A child is sitting in front of a woman. The woman is looking at him and holding his hands in a caring way.

When a child joins a new family, everyone needs time to adjust and attach. That’s why parental leave and benefits exist. Unfortunately, not all new parents qualify for these benefits. In this article, Willow Yamauchi shares her experience and explains what needs to change so families like hers aren’t excluded in their times of need. […]

Grandmother to guardian

A grandmother hugging her teenage granddaughter

A growing number of grandparents in BC are living with and raising their grandchildren. In this story, a grandmother shares her very personal experience with becoming the legal guardian of her daughter’s child. To protect the privacy of her daughter and grandchild, names have been redacted. Stuck in the system I remember getting the call […]