School and adoption: Navigating the education system

A group of school kids with backpacks, smiling.

This free digital guide includes information about Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings, trauma in classrooms, how to talk to teachers about adoption, and more! Learn how you can help your children cope at school, and what advice to give to teachers.

Supporting LGBTQ2S+ youth in adoption and foster care

Download this free guide to learn about how to understand and help 2SLGBTQIA+ young people in your care. Approximately 20 percent of high school students today identify as two-spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer (or questioning), intersex, asexual, and gender non-conforming (2SLGBTQIA+). Among youth in government care and adoptive families, the numbers are even higher. […]

The journey of a lifetime: Why adoptive families need support throughout the years

The hands of a child on top of the hands of an adult and a senior person.

When potential adoptive parents begin their journey, they’re buoyed by the enthusiasm and support of others. Once they bring their child or children home and make it through the first few months, though, that support tends to dissolve. In this article, an experienced adoptive mom explains why adoptive families need support throughout their entire journey, […]

Adopted voice: Six ways to support your adopted child

“Adopted Voice” is our response to the #FlipTheScript campaign, which promotes the importance of making space for and listening to the voices of adopted people. If you’re an adoptee of any age who’s interested in writing a column for “Adopted Voice,” we’d love to hear from you! Reach us at editor@belongingnetwork.com. Advice from an adoptee […]

Adopted Voice: It’s not about gratitude

Image with the following text: "#FlipTheScript A full understanding of adoption cannot be had without listening to adoptees' first-hand perspectives."

My adoption story Prior to my adoption, I lived in Tennessee with my birth mother (in utero) and then spent one year in foster care. Doctors’ assessments of my potential medical issues deterred black families from adopting me, so a white couple with experience parenting children with special needs was selected. I moved across the […]

Are you up to parenting a child with FASD?

Three people with light skin are shown from the calf down. They are all wearing shoes, socks, and rolled-up jeans. The person in the middle is a teen wearing red shoes that are high-top sneakers. They also wear mismatched colourful socks. The adults on either side wear hiking shoes and their socks are also mismatched. Red shoes are a symbol of FASD with the slogan "Red shoes rock."

When I met Susan Bell* in her large, Surrey home, I was immediately struck by how ordered and tidy it seemed, especially considering it’s home to several teens. I had pictured a far more hectic, cluttered place. Susan ushered me into her equally immaculate office, and we spoke for two hours about parenting kids with […]

The proposal process explained

Family of three in winter outfits with snow in the backdrop. Dad holding the child in his arms while mom admiringly looks at the child, smiling.

Cathy Gilbert has been through the MCFD proposal process dozens of times (she’s adopted 11 children). Here, she shares what she’s learned. Accepting a proposal is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make—it needs to an informed one. Once parents, or a social worker have seen a potential child and parent match, information is […]