Thank you for joining us in this scavenger hunt. We’re thrilled to have you explore our website and learn more about the Belonging Network. Good luck, and may the best scavenger win!

Duration: The Belonging Network website scavenger hunt starts on Friday, May 3rd, 2024, at noon and ends on May 31th, 2024, at noon.

Eligibility: The scavenger hunt is available to all individuals residing in British Columbia who are not affiliated with the Belonging Network.

Prize: Four lucky winners will each receive a $50 Amazon gift card for submitting the correct answers. Winners will be selected through a random drawing.

The winners will be revealed on Monday, June 3rd, through our social media platforms. Stay connected with us on Facebook and Instagram to catch the announcement.

What you need to hunt for:

  1. The name and email address of our Family Support Specialist.
  2. The names of three workshops or learning opportunites offered by the Belonging Network.
  3. The name of the toolkit that gathers some of our best resources by and for adoptees.
  4. Three of the types of permanency.
  5. The name of the dedicated stand-alone website that helps young adults with their transition from government care to adulthood.
  6. The meaning of the term “waiting children.”
  7. The names of the three bursary programs that the Belonging Network runs.
  8. The name of our online support group for adoptive parents of children with complex needs.
  9. Mention one of the “Ways to give” to the Belonging Network.
  10. The last name of one of the families we’ve written a “Meet the [Last Name] family” story about.
  11. BONUS: Get an extra entry in the draw by telling us what “belonging” means to you!

Submitting your answers: Participants should submit their answers via email to by May 31th at noon with the subject line “Scavenger hunt – [paticipant’s name]”. Each answer should be clearly numbered according to the corresponding question.

Any personal information collected during the scavenger hunt will be handled in accordance with our privacy policy.