Each year, hundreds of children and youth join British Columbia families through adoption or another form of permanency. But around 300 children and youth in British Columbia are still waiting to find permanency. Every child needs a support system that makes them feel secure and loved.

Here you’ll meet some of the wonderful kids, youth, and parents who make up our adoption and permanency community in BC!

The Kendricks

Adopting a child from foster care takes a lot of love and an open heart. When Ashley and Daniel started their journey as foster parents, adoption wasn’t even on their minds. Everything changed when they met a very special boy with big brown eyes… a boy who would become their son. Watch their inspiring adoption story.

The Destobels

The Destobel family includes parents Susanne and Shane, and son Howie, age 3.5. Howie came home at 7-month-old through the Belonging Network. His parents can’t get over how much their “little engineer” has grown.

The Thai-Abels

Meet the Thai-Abel family: parents Vince and Eric, and son Jamestin, age 6. After a long wait and incredible timing, Jamestin was finally welcomed home through the Belonging Network.

The McKinneys

When Nathaniel was 6 years old, the McKinney family was reunited by a family adoption through the Belonging Network. The McKinneys want to encourage more Indigenous families to consider adopting, particularly if there are family members in care.

The Krakauers

Shuli felt encouraged to adopt as a single parent through the Belonging Network. She was matched to her daughter Aliyah, who is now 4.

The Everton-Fergusons

Karen and Mike knew they wanted to adopt an older child from foster care. They welcomed their pre-teen daughter Tanisha home through the Belonging Network.

The Calhouns

Carly and John adopted their first child, Cash, as a newborn through a licensed adoption agency. When the family kept growing, Cash became the youngest of six kids. A total of five more siblings joined the family through the Belonging Network.