The following policies guide the Belonging Network client grievances and complaints processes. For concerns specific to the Ministry of Children and Family Development, please visit their website.


A. All clients and family members shall have the opportunity to voice their concerns or complaints regarding the following:

  1. Treatment  by staff or other program participants
  2. Quality of service received
  3. Basic rights and responsibilities

B. Clients will have the right to access the Manager of the program so that they may hear any grievances not effectively dealt with by the program staff.

C. The Belonging Network will ensure that a client’s complaints and concerns are addressed fairly and in a timely manner.

D. A client’s grievance(s) may be categorized into one of the following:

  1. A complaint regarding service or treatment
  2. An allegation of abuse


1. If the client’s grievance involves an allegation of client abuse or neglect by the Association’s staff see the Client Abuse or Neglect Policy (section 13.070).

2. If the client’s grievance pertains to a complaint regarding treatment or quality of service the following procedures apply:

  • Clients are encouraged to voice their concerns directly to the employee involved.
  • The employee will make every effort to resolve the matter for the client in a timely manner.
  • If the complaint remains unresolved the client will have the right to voice the matter to the Manager.
  • The Manager will make every effort to resolve the matter for the client in a timely manner.
  • If the client is a child or youth, their social worker will be notified.

3. Documentation

  • All client grievances not resolved between the client and the staff member involved, and determined to be a reportable event by the staff member involved,  will be documented by the staff member on a Critical Incident/Reportable Event form and shall be further dealt with in accordance with the Critical Incident/Reportable Event policy and the General Notification process policy.
  • If a grievance remains unresolved at the Managerial level, the client will be informed of their right to make a formal written complaint using our Client Complaint Form.
  • Client Complaint forms shall be submitted to the Executive Director and the CQI committee. The Executive Director will contact the client within five (5) working days of receiving the Client Complaint Form to inform the client of the organization’s decision or to discuss subsequent steps towards resolution.
  • If the complaint is from a child or youth defined as a client under the child specific recruitment program, a copy of the completed Client Complaint form shall also be put into the case file.
  • If a child wishes to go forward with a formal complaint process, the agency will provide them with appropriate support and assistance.

4. Appeal process

  • If the matter remains unresolved the client may submit an appeal in writing to the Executive Director.
  • The Executive Director will contact the client within five (5) working days to confirm receipt of the appeal.
  • The Client’s appeal shall be processed and responded to in writing by the Executive Director within twenty (20) working days.
  • Timelines may vary with the agreement of both parties.