When Chelsea was adopted, her young birthmom gave a letter, photo, bracelet, and blanket to her daughter. At first, her adoptive parents sent letters and photos via their social worker. Then each family moved and contact was lost—until now.

When I was a little girl, I used to love to jump out of the car when my dad stopped by the mailbox because I wanted to see if I got anything. Eventually the excitement wore off because I rarely did, but it was still my job to check the mail.

Please, Mr Postman

Well, on November 18, for some reason, I really wanted to check. I jumped out of the car with the key, but the mailbox would not open no matter how much I tried to force it. So I handed the key to my Dad and let him have a go. The second he got it open, I pushed my hand in and pulled out the letters. As we got in the car, I went through the bundle: this one for Dad, this one for Mom, this one for me? It was addressed to “Chelsey Reimer,” so I laughed and said, “Well, it cannot be that important, they didn’t even spell my name right!” I ripped the letter open, pulled out a nice looking card, and read the first lines, “Dear Chelsey, You don’t know me but I know you. I was there at your birth.”

Well, my first reaction was that this was a little bit creepy, but as I kept reading that feeling totally disappeared. It went on to say that the lady writing it had been my birthmom’s foster mom. Patricia was looking after my teenage mom when she was pregnant with me. As I read on, I came to a part that said, “Your birthmom has been looking for you,” and asked whether or not I would like to be in contact. At the end of the letter was a phone number in Ontario and an email address, so I could call and obtain information on my mom.

The second we got home, I rushed in and dialed the number. I was shaking like crazy, and I had no idea what to say. When someone answered, I introduced myself and explained how I had received this letter. Patricia could not believe it! We talked for a while and then she gave me my birthmom’s name and a way to contact her. I went online and discovered there was actually a page on Facebook looking for me under the name of Zoe-Lynne [Chelsea’s birth name]. I then emailed my birthmom. At first there was no reply, so eventually I went to bed. Later that night, my dad came in and told me, there is an email for me from my mom! I went online again and talked to her for hours! She had been away at work. She told me she was shaking like crazy and that her heart was beating 100 miles a minute! As we got to know each other, we discovered there were so many similarities between us. Then she told me my uncle wanted to hear from me as well.

So close to home

I looked up his Facebook and he was right there ready to chat. I glanced down at his profile to see where he lived and it said Vernon, BC! I asked him if he really lived there, and he replied, “Yes.” I told him that I had lived in Salmon Arm for eight months!

We chatted away for a few hours and then he asked if we could meet up the next day. I was so excited! I did not sleep at all that night, and I went to school just so happy and excited and nervous all at the same time!

After school that day, I went to meet him at the uptown Tim Horton’s. When he got there, we ordered a drink and then went to go meet up with my Dad. They introduced each other and talked for a few minutes. Then I asked my uncle if he would like to come watch me coach skating because I had to be there soon.

He came and watched and then we went to my house for pizza. We looked at my photos in a family scrapbook and his photos on his laptop computer. Then he hooked up a webcam chat for me to speak to my mom! It was the coolest thing ever! She was crying and so emotional before we could begin to chat. I know for a fact that I will never forget the love and care that my adoptive parents and so supportive of this whole experience! I love them so much.

I visit with my uncle whenever I can, and I talk to my “Mommy” everyday on the computer. She is coming down here after Christmas so we can meet in person. I can hardly wait as it will be the best present ever!