A woman holding a little girl in her arms, both smiling. In the background, there's a beautiful landscape of a lake and mountains.
Photo credit: the Matthews family

Membership application or renewal

Members are critical to the healthy functioning of the Belonging Network. Contribute your voice and experience by: 

•    Attending our Annual General Meeting (AGM)
•    Voting on important motions
•    Electing board members whose passion and skills propel the organization forward

Regular membership is for adoptive parents, waiting parents, and adoptees. Memberships can be shared with family members living in the same household. However, voting rights are limited to one vote per membership. 

Professional membership is for adoption professionals and other professionals serving the adoption community. A single professional memberships can be shared by all staff of an organization or business. Professional members may not vote, hold office, or elect board members.

Youth membership is for youth 14-25 years old who are adopted or in government care.

If you have any questions about membership, please contact membership@belongingnetwork.com or 604-320-7330 ext 100.